Editorial Policy

We urge everyone—business owners, consultants, employees, investors—everyone to toss in their two cents on topics and we encourage all of the amateur and professional consultants to submit they suggestions as to possible solutions to their issues.

Disclaimer—the posts and comments do not represent the endorsement of The Fremont Group nor will the opinions expressed represent the opinions of The Fremont Group.  The Fremont Group will monitor posts and comments to block those that are offensive, malicious, or are personal attacks upon individuals or companies.  Any person who sees such a post and feels that it meets this criteria should contact us immediately.

One thought on “Editorial Policy

  1. I carry a concealed weapon everywhere that I go including work I am an employer and I urge all of my employees also carry concealed firearms as long as they are legal and they’re law-abiding citizens.
    I also urge every law abiding citizen to utilize their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and their families.

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