The Fremont Business Operating System

Small business owners wear a number of hats. Often they are the head of sales, head of human resources, CEO, CFO, COO, janitor—the list goes on. In most instances their excellence in the technical aspects of their business shines through but often that excellence is not reflected in other areas creating a need for the use of professional assistance. Management Consultants can provide coaching, mentoring and consulting services that increase profitability and decrease stress; attorneys provide legal advice that keeps you out of legal problems; accountants keep you abreast of changes in tax law and structure your business to minimize tax risk; HR professionals keep your manuals up-to-date and in compliance with the law; insurance professionals can minimize your risk; Sales and other professionals put on training seminars to improve your skills; and IT professionals can keep your systems running and put together software packages that optimize your sales and your management. But who can afford all that? You can.

The Fremont Business Operating System combines all of these services. The cornerstone of the system is a local, business management consultant. Their time is leveraged with software and memberships, with assistance from attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, IT professionals, and the staff of The Fremont Group. Through this unique process, small business owners receive a comprehensive package of services for a fixed rate per month—generally less than the cost of a single employee. And they also receive the Fremont Guarantee—if you aren’t satisfied, you don’t pay.

The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the abilities of small-business owners. We find owners who want to change and then help them accomplish their goals. After a determination of your needs, a package of services is developed that matches those needs and The Fremont Business Operating System does the rest. The Fremont Group matches you to a local consultant and oversees the work. All services are provided by affiliated professionals who have been trained by The Fremont Group and agree to work within our Code of Ethics and up to our stringent standards. Hundreds of software programs and products have been reviewed and those selected to be included in the system are those that increase the efficiency of the consultants, and are used by The Fremont Group themselves.

If you are a business owner who wants to change—give us a call. It could be the most important call you ever make. 303 338 9300