Get over yourself. We don’t care about the debt; we don’t care about taxes; we don’t care about abortion or marriage—it’s the economy stupid. Debt ceilings, taxes on millionaires—none of that matters—we need JOBS. The “job creaters” are consumers—they could be on welfare or they could be middle class—people who spend their money, not millionaires. People spending money create jobs. Tax policies don’t create jobs; taxes just pay for government. Social issues don’t create jobs; they just help people in need. Government waste is no worse than big corporation waste. Over-taxation is no worse than $8 million CEO’s or obscenely rich fund managers. We need the average person to have a good job so they spend money and our business can flourish.

NOT ONE SINGLE BILL HAS BEEN PASSED IN TWO YEARS THAT EVEN ADDRESSES JOBS. There is time for everything else—where is the legislation to create jobs? The Republicans were thrown out in 2008 because they didn’t create jobs; the Democrats were thrown out in 2010 because they didn’t create jobs—can we throw you all out in 2012?

There is not a single small business owner in the country who has said to him or herself, “I don’t think that I am going to hire and try to make more money because my taxes are too high. Or because I can’t choose what kind of light bulbs I can buy. Or because there is a Planned Parenthood Clinic in town. Or because there wasn’t a war resolution.” Get over it and get the middle class good jobs. Or good bye.