GPS Consulting Complaints Tracking System

After establishing a complaint and feedback policy, GPS Consulting, a consulting firm based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, then went the next step to set up a dashboard system to track what their clients were saying, both positive and negative.

GPS Feedback

Hey, You Guys—Time to Data-Mine Your Customers!

All feedback is ranked, sorted, and then entered into a monthly spreadsheet, so that management can evaluate the hard numbers regarding the status of their client relationships. GPS Consulting employee performance, as part of customer satisfaction, can be measured and rewarded, while any problems can be spotted early and quickly corrected.

Taking Measure to Improve

Previously, without specific metrics, customer opinion was often rumor, heresay, or speculation. Setting up a system to collect information directly from clients and then entering the first person responses into a database, so that results could be collated has transformed the way that this company does business—making it more customer-centric.

Complex issues can be followed until they are resolved. Any trends or patterns become apparent with the custom system that GPS Consulting implemented. Improvement in customer service has been a direct result of their tracking system.

Have you set up a way to measure customer satisfaction at your business? What metrics would you employ?