Observations about the shutdown

The Fremont Group has clients across the country and contacts in most every industry which has given us a cross-section look at the effects of this shutdown.  The crisis has brought disruption; the disruption will bring change; and change will bring opportunity.  The post-shutdown world will no be the same.  Sorry.  If you are yearning for things to go back to where they were you have already lost.  The shutdown will accelerate change.  Companies and industries that were already in trouble will disappear faster.  Companies and industries that have been flexible, well-managed and have had strong leadership will thrive.  For example: no doubt more people will now work from home–think about the consequences of this.  As fewer people commute to work the need for autos will decline.  People will keep their cars longer and will alter the types of cars that they buy.  Downtown locations will not have as many employees resulting in less office space rented, lower rental rates, fewer customers for downtown businesses.  And as there is less need to live downtown combined with a desire for more personal space city living will become less desirable (expensive) and suburban prices will increase.  This exercise can be done for every industry.

We have some data to share.  ALL of our clients received “loans” from the federal government that they won’t ever repay–an average of over $60,000 per business!  (And these are small businesses some with annual sales of about $750,00!)  Why–they had competent advice that kept them focused and they moved quickly on the opportunity.  All of our clients will survive.  Why–they and competent advice that kept them focused and they had a business plan that kept them prepared.

The “financial manipulators” of the past 40 years have done a great disservice to small businesses.  A company with large debt can leverage their earnings but they go out of business in the downturns.  Companies attempting to “build a business” for the purpose of selling it and making their money from the sale go out of business in a downturn.  Companies without an effective financial structure that produces regular profit and from that profit retains sufficient liquid assets to meet their obligations go out of business.  Few owners do this on their own.  Having a Success Partner who eyes the long term and provides constant focus is the difference between success and failure.

We take our own advice.  Our own operations have also been significantly restructured.  Our small overhead has been all but eliminated and our travel to client sites has been replaced by video conferencing.  This allows us to significantly reduce our rates and serve even more people–and serve them better as additional experts can be brought in to supplement immediately.  I predict that within 10 years our major auto companies will either fold or will be producing a significant amount of their manufacturing in products other than cars.  What will happen to your industry?  Let’s talk.

We are now producing monthly webinars at no charge and out initial consultations are now done via video conference which makes them affordable for anyone–ask yourself, “Can you afford not to?”

Dirk Dieters, Executive Director

The Fremont Group

303 338 9300


Coronavirus and your business

Every day you have done all you can to be successful and as a result you are the backbone of our economy.  Now we are engaged in an unprecedented challenge.  We will all be affected by this and business will never again be the same.  As you know, our mission is to support you–the small business owner.  Failure is not an option but we are going to be stretched to great lengths to survive.  We have advised all of our clients to do two things:

(1) Revise your cash flow daily–not monthly, not weekly–daily.  You must constantly reevaluate your cash position.
(2) Understand that you are not helping your employees if you go out of business–you must stay in business.  On a daily basis monitor your wage percentage against your daily sales and adjust staffing immediately.  Your employees are your greatest asset but you are not helping them by going out of business.  There needs to be a job for them to return to.


The Fremont Group is suspending all seminars for the foreseeable future.  As soon as possible we will resume our one-on-one Minding My Own Business Workshops.  The cost of MMOB Workshps will be reduced from $975–to $150.  Workshops will be scheduled with a $25 deposit and if you are unable to pay the balance it will be waived.  They will be started first in Colorado and expanded as possible.  We know that the need for professional help is in great demand but rather than increasing our rates The Fremont Group will be reducing our rates.  Until we can resume our workshops visit our website for additional information.

We can get through this.

Dirk Dieters, Executive Director
The Fremont Group

2020 Webinar Series on Patreon

Small business owners have risked it all–you are the true hero of this story!  You risked everything for a dream.  You saw in owning your own business the opportunity for an income and a quality of life far beyond that of people working for wages.  As time went by, you may have raised your sights even higher or you may be frustrated in not accomplishing the goals that you had set.  You are at a fork in the road.  One way leads to the accomplishment of those dreams; the other to failure and you have certainly tried and done all you can do.  To paraphrase Steven Covey, “no matter how hard you work you won’t find your destination without the right map.”  Through our webinars and the work of our Success Partners you will see more clearly the “rocks in the road” and achieve the peace of mind that a properly developed map can provide.
The Fremont Group has a six webinar series that follows the SIX RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNER as taught in the book, “Minding My Own Business” authored by our Executive Director, Dirk Dieters.  They are available to patrons at www.patreon.com/TheFremontGroup but you can view the first one here for NO CHARGE!  Challenge yourself and take 18 minutes to view the youtube video and then give us a call!  303 338 9300!

Change 2020 For The Better

Expectations are high for the new year.  This year things will change.  But last years’ issues remain—or are growing!  The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization serving owners like you.  You need a plan for 2020 that will bring about your desired changes.  Attend a personal, Minding My Own Business Workshop!  In two hours working with our Success Partner you will receive the answers that you seek—strategies that will avoid failing to accomplish your 2020 goals and make you the hero!

These are personalized, one-on-one workshops and will be the best $399.00 that you will invest this year!

Call now to hold your time slot!   303 338 9300

The 2020 winter workshop schedule:

Medford Oregon                            Saturday            January 25th

Denver Colorado                            Friday                 January 31st

                                                              Tuesday             February 18th

                                                              Saturday            February 22nd

Phoenix Arizona                            Friday                 February 7th

                                                             Saturday            February 8th

Sacramento California               Monday              February 10th

                                                             Tuesday             February 11th

Salt Lake City Utah                       Friday                 February 14th

Las Vegas Nevada                         Saturday            February 15th

Reno Nevada                                  Monday              February 17th

Albuquerque New Mexico         Friday                 February 21st

Troy Michigan                                Friday                 February 28th

Lansing Michigan                         Saturday            February 29th

Hilton Head South Carolina    Wednesday           March 18th

                                                            Thursday              March 19th


The TFG Small Business Leadership Programs—management training for small business owners and their key employees


Key Employee Leadership Program

  • WHO
    • Key management employees. Include heads of operations, sales and accounting as a minimum.  Maximum of six persons.  Also requires commitment and input of owner.
  • WHY
    • 87% of business owners feel that their management team performs below their potential.
    • 92% of owners do not trust managers to make decisions.
    • 81% of business owners experience stress that interferes with their quality of life.
    • Program trains key employees to produce improved results. Anticipated improvements should generate financial results well in excess of the investment in the program.
  • WHAT
    • Effective training for key management (other than owners) personnel. The curriculum includes evaluations of the key employee’s current activities; identify and implement process improvements; incorporate systems, procedures and controls for the accomplishment of the owner’s goals; and the accomplishment of “buy-in” by key employees.  Result desired: more effective and productive management team taking upon more and more responsibility.
      • Actions: (Each program is customized)
      • Meet with the owner to review financial statements
      • Establish owner’s goals
      • Individual interviews with key management employees
      • Evaluation of key employees
      • Creation of desired performance standards for each department
      • Tie developed standards to desired company performance—financial results and operational results
      • Retreat with key employees to obtain buy-in for the results utilizing the develo0pment of rational incentives
      • Create a management team for the delegation of decisions while providing the owner with a comfort level in those decisions
      • On-going follow up
    • WHEN
      • This is a one-week program on-site (the final 1-2 days off-site) followed by a two-month weekly follow-up and then completed with a half-week on site.
      • Program may recommend the inclusion of other outside services.
      • Investment $17,120 for two on-site engagements for a total of 8 days and two months of weekly phone contacts.
        • Terms:
          • Pre-rollout Discount $3,424
          • Net $16,530
          • $9,000 to schedule (funds paid in 2019 create an immediate tax deduction)
          • $7,530 upon completion of the on-site week
          • $295 per month (payable through Patreon) for two months.


303 338 9300





Small Business Owner Leadership Program

  • WHO
    • Owner (and in many cases some input from owner’s spouse), key management personnel (at least heads of sales, operations, and finance dependent upon the company)
  • WHY
    • 80% of owners have a fear of delegation.
    • 90% of owners have expressed “it is easier to just do it myself.”
    • 94% of small businesses are limited their growth due to their management system.
    • 88% of small businesses either are diminishing the value of their company or creating a business that cannot be sold due to their management system.
    • 71% of small businesses are setting up their successor for failure.
    • Program is designed to reduce the reliance upon the owner, reducing stress and time, allowing for delegation of responsibilities or for the training of a “next generation” of ownership or expansion to additional locations. Tremendous bonus for the owner considering the sale of his company.  Returns should be in excess of the investment.
  • WHAT
    • Effective training for owners who directly manage their company. The curriculum includes evaluation of the owner’s current activities; clear goal-setting for ownership; identify and implement process improvements; incorporate systems, procedures and controls for the accomplishment of the owner’s goals, reducing the company reliance upon the owner, enhancing the value of the company and preparing for succession.
      • Meet with the owner to review financial statements, past results, and owner’s understandings of their use
      • Establish owner’s goals—financial and personal
      • Educating the owner as to the value added through an understanding of their six responsibilities.
      • Individual interviews with key management employees
      • Evaluation of key employees
      • Creation of desired performance standards for each department
      • Tie developed standards to desired company performance—financial results and operational results
      • Retreat with owners and key employees to obtain buy-in for the results utilizing the development of rational incentives
      • On-going follow up
    • WHEN
    • This is a one-week, on-site program followed by six-months of weekly follow up.
    • Program may recommend the inclusion of other outside services.
    • Investment $11,020 for a total of five days on-site and six months of weekly phone contacts.
      • Pre-rollout Discount 20% $2,204
        • Net $8,816 (Inclusive of ALL travel expenses)
        • Terms:
          • $4,000 to schedule
          • $3,646 upon completion of the on-site week
          • $295 per month (payable through Patreon) for six months.


303 338 9300