John Charles Fremont

The Fremont Group is named after John Charles Fremont.  Fremont was a man from humble beginnings who, as a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers, first mapped the Oregon Trail.  As a result of his work he earned the nickname the “Pathfinder.”  He continued to be a leader throughout his career completing three mapping expeditions of the West for the government and an ill-fated private, fourth expedition through Colorado.  He lead the Bear Rebellion in the “liberation” of California from Mexico, he was commander of the Army of the West in the Civil War, he first issued an emancipation proclamation prior to Lincoln, he was the first Republican candidate for President and four years later stepped aside to allow Lincoln’s nomination, he was the first territorial governor of Arizona and best of all—he was married to Jessie who thought he was wonderful.

We proudly carry on the tradition of “Pathfinder” for our clients and help steer them through the turbulent times, both triumphs and challenges, of their lives.