About The Fremont Group

Picture 068The Fremont Group—your partners in success!

The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization.  Each year our profit is donated to educational uses.  Our mission is to provide quality, accessible professional services to all small business owners.  TFG is evolving!  We are expanding the blog with the intent to become an “information clearing house” for small business owners and small business consultants.  We will continue to  sponsor our educational events and are expanding our scope to include materials and information from approved consultants and consulting firms.  With this will be a partnership with the nationally known Independent Professional Services Association (IPSA) who independently certify small business consultants and firms.

The Fremont Group works with small business owners to identify their management and financing needs and then matches those owners to appropriate professionals.

Minding My Own Business Testimonials

This is a masterful job of communicating the issues of a small business owner.”  Tom Mulchay, Business Analyst, CPA, JD

This is a must read for all business owners.  If people that I worked with had read this first they could have saved thousands of dollars and thousands of headaches.”  Ron Mills, Business Consultant, MBA

It seemed like he was writing about my business.  Amazing.”  Dick Reimer, Business Owner.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you read this.”  Bill Horton, Owner of a Management Consulting Firm

“Every time I read it I find new things.”  Steven Nation, Management Sales

“This book is a “blue collar” look at the issues of small businesses.  It is a must read for anyone who owns a small business or anyone who is considering owning a small business.   Years of management experience is explained in plain
English.”  Mike Hester, Business Owner

Executive Director, Dirk Dieters

The founder and Executive Director of The Fremont Group is Mr. Dirk Dieters.  Mr. Dieters has both undergraduate and law degrees from Michigan State University where he played baseball.  In the 70’s he coached college baseball at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan while finishing his law degree. In 1981 he moved from Detroit to…

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Working With The Fremont Group

Take your business to a new level!  Whether it be a “Survival Plan” or an “Expansion Plan” working with The Fremont Group can make it a reality.  We first encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your business and place you in an appropriate webinar.  If you like what you hear, bring…

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John Charles Fremont

The Fremont Group is named after John Charles Fremont.  Fremont was a man from humble beginnings who, as a member of the US Army Corps of Engineers, first mapped the Oregon Trail.  As a result of his work he earned the nickname the “Pathfinder.”  He continued to be a leader throughout his career completing three…

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The Fremont Motto “You only have what you give.  It’s by spending yourself that you become rich”  Isabel Allende The Fremont Client Pledge I pledge to serve my clients with integrity and competence and will refuse to advocate or participate in anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical.  I will constantly maintain open communications with…

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