You can’t run your business like it’s 1999

In the 60’s Alan Toffler wrote a book called “Future Shock” which examined change and in particular the rate of change.  For hundreds of years change happened no faster than you can ride a horse.  Railroads increased that change and through the 20th century the rate of change continued to increase, however today the only thing that you can count on is change.  Your customers aren’t the same, your technology isn’t the same, your products are not the same—nothing is the same; everything constantly changes.  And the rate of this change continues to increase.  Neopreneurs—the really small business owners have been the worst in keeping up with this rate of change.  Some firms have embraced the change and have thrived; others are still running their businesses like it is 1999.

The Fremont Group has examined this issue at length and has identified the one action that small business owners can take that will have the greatest impact in the struggle against change.  So few neopreneurs have effective CRM systems and even fewer use these systems to manage communications within their company.  A CRM system is a customer relations management program.  Software that tracks all contacts with clients, assigns tasks throughout the company and virtually eliminates paper flow.  It provides the owner with the 24/7 ability to see the real time status of all customer accounts and work within the company.  After reviewing hundreds of software systems we are ready to recommend one—Highrise by 37 signals.  In the right sidebar of this blog there is an icon which you can click to get free information about this system.  We have implemented its use for numerous clients with rave reviews.

Click on the icon; take their free tour; and give us a call.  Don’t continue to run your business like it’s 1999.