Small Business Financing

In today’s banking environment, a significant percentage of potential borrowers are turned away by their banks at a time when either opportunity presents itself requiring capital investment, or available cash resources are insufficient.  In either case, the potential borrower is left to fend for themselves.  The Fremont Group endorses Cascade Pacific Capital.  They have a proven track record of providing financing options to small business even when the banks won’t.

Whether its working capital, unsecured finance, term loans, revenue loans, equipment finance, SBA, retirement funding or custom funding packages, you will receive fast approval and rapid funding.  Many of your clients will qualify for multiple funding opportunities giving your clients their choice of options.  You are provided “real time” status of your progress including approval amounts and requirements to keep things on track.  The system also provides real-time visibility of all important correspondences and communications throughout the process including calls, voice mails, faxes, messages.    A dedicated Senior Funding Specialist will be assigned to you and your clients assist and educate you in the process.


  • Dedicated Funding Specialist
  • Secure simple on-line application process
  • Client performance requirements
  • Real-time visibility of important communications
  • Collaborative calendar tracks milestones, appointments and action items.


The Fremont Group assists you from start to finish.  Within 48 hours of submitting the completed application and documents, we will issue a prequalifying approval. Final approval is normally made inside 5 business days although certain loans like SBA loans can take substantially longer.

Contact The Fremont Group at 303 338 9300 to discuss your financing needs.

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