Why I chose to work with an outside advisor …

Posted January, 2011 on the Brighton Windsor web site

  • I want to have fun again running my business. I want to feel the same happiness and excitement as when I first dreamed up the idea of owning my own business.
  • I want my family, my employees, my banker and accountant, my colleagues, – everyone – to view me as a knowledgeable, informed decision maker who is in control of their business and not the other way around so I have not only their respect – but self-respect and pride.
  • I want someone to show me how to have longevity in my business – to build a legacy that spans multiple generations. I want someone who can take an objective look at my business, and give me the straight talk on what I’m doing right or wrong and help me develop a game plan on how to fix it.
  • I want someone with empathy who can relate to my challenges, offer solutions and treat me like an equal partner when doing so. I want someone who challenges me to “step outside the box” so I can move beyond my own comfort level and complacency.
  • I want a safety net to fall back on but then a good shove to keep me moving forward. I want cutting edge technology, information on the latest industry trends, and solid business information and tools so I keep up with my competition, meet the demands of my customers, and keep growing so my business doesn’t become extinct.
  • I want a business navigation system that keeps me on the right track and “recalculates” the route if I veer off.
  • I want balance in my life to enjoy both my personal and professional life and I need security in knowing my operations are fine tuned so I can go away on vacation and things will run as smoothly as when I’m there. When I leave for the day – every day – I want to turn the key and keep it all locked inside the four walls of my business until I once again turn the key the next morning and begin a new business day with the anticipation and expectation it will be a good day.
  • I want to provide my employees with a secure, positive and healthy environment where they can grow and flourish and help the business do the same. I want to instill in them a sense of pride and integrity and appreciation for their contribution to our success.
  • I want our customers to know we are in business for them first and to make money second for without them and their loyalty we cease to exist. I want to establish solid, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with my vendors so the links of my supply chain remain unbroken.
  • I want the American dream.

Source: A Brighton Windsor Group client’s perspective