Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

Your general manager just quit; you need emergency surgery; a fire has destroyed your inventory; your computer system has crashed; your wife has filed for divorce; the bank has called your line of credit; or any of a thousand other possible crisis has just slapped you in the face—you need help and you need it now! You might need only the reassurance of a phone call or you might need someone in your office for the next week. The Fremont Group is announcing the formation of their “911 Crisis Management.” Small business owners in need of emergency support of any kind are encouraged to call The Fremont Group at 303 338 9300 for and ask for Crisis Management or email us and put Crisis Management in the caption. Together we will immediately assess the situation and get you the help that you need.

Your emergency becomes our emergency. You will be pleased to know that for members of The Fremont Group, Crisis Management services do not carry emergency pricing. Members who use our emergency services are charged only our basic rates. Of course, for non-members there is a premium for rearranging our schedules, however, in a time of crisis, the focus should be on the amount “saved” as well as the amount invested. This benefit of membership can be the difference in your company’s survival.

The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization supported by donations and memberships. Memberships start at as little as $9.99 per month. For more information look to the Membership pages on the web site.