What do Small Business Management Consultants Do?

Small business owners fall into three categories.  The first are owners who have successfully used consultants or mentors and continue to do so; the second are owners who used expensive, private consulting firms who flew in a couple of people, charged an arm and a leg and left nothing but a binder; and the last are owners who have never used management consultants.

Owners who have a solid relationship with a person who has on-going interaction with them and seem to care as much about their business as they do have found an invaluable resource.  These are generally the most successful of the three groups of owners.  Owners who have been burned discredit the value of the industry but then I once had an AMC Pacer and that didn’t mean that all cars are bad!  The last group generally doesn’t understand what a consultant can do for them.

The Fremont Group is a non-profit.  Our fees are significantly below the private firms such as Legacy Analytics, ABS, CBS, Global Resources, HMMC, and others.  A first rule is that you should never make a major investment in consulting until you have met the person with whom you will be working.  Use our “Search” function and find posts regarding how to hire a consultant.  Recent successful projects completed by our Success Partners include:

Management Committee Development,

Team Building, Forms and Procedures, Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Executive Development and Counseling, Financing Packages, Positioning for Value, Sales Focus, Gaining Financial Control, AR/AP and Inventory Controls, Transition to Family Member(s), Mergers and Acquisitions, Survival Plans, Controlled Sustainable Growth, Management Retreats, and Handling Divorce and Your Business.

Other topics also include:


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