Want to improve your sales?

Follow these rules to improve your sales:

  1. No one will care what you say until they believe that that you care.  You must first prove to your client that you care about them.  They already know that you care about yourself and you care about what you are selling but they must also be convinced that you care about them.  How do you establish that you care about them?  By asking questions.  The more questions that you ask about them the better.  Trust is developed when a person thinks that you care so the more that you can get them to talk, the more trust.  The more trust the more likely the sale.  Therefore your first rule is no attempt to sell should be made until you have questioned them to the point that they believe that you care about them and understand their problems.
  2. People run from pain faster than they run to pleasure.  Find the pain.  Find it through your questions.
  3. Run the pain funnel.  Once pain has been identified ask this series of questions:
    1. What effect has this had on your business?
    2. What effect has this had on you personally?
    3. How long has this situation existed?
    4. What have you done to fix it?
    5. Why hasn’t it worked?
    6. How open-minded are you to a solution?
    7. How committed are you to fixing the problem?
    8. When do you want to see a solution?
  4. Now you can talk about me.  You cannot talk about yourself until you have gone through the first three steps.  Now when you talk about me you can do so to show the benefit of working with you.

These rules must be followed in every industry and in every sale.  Sometimes this process can take weeks—months—and other times they are done in five minutes.  Sometimes they are done in writing—most times face-to-face.  People still buy from people and by following this process you will increase your sales.