TFG will do your accounting better and cheaper

Experience has shown that small to mid-sized businesses suffer from inconsistent accounting.  As the company grows their needs expand and yet they continue to utilize the same limited skills in accounting.  Too small for a qualified CFO they hire relatives or referrals, they suffer turnover, and take time away from what the owner should be doing.  Penalties are paid, tax documents are improperly filed, bank statements are not reconciled, and worst of all the owner is not receiving timely, accurate and usable managerial information from their accounting.

TFG will do an assessment of your current strengths and weakness and put together a plan to address your needs.  In times of turnover it may mean the complete outsourcing of your Quick Books accounting or it may mean supplementing existing personnel so that they can work effectively.  The implementation of the customized plan will make you more profitable, reduce your stress and provide a framework for growth.

The TFG staff is qualified and consistent.  They provide a stability and level of expertise to your company.  Give us a call and see how.  303 338 9300

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