What can The Fremont Group Do For My Business?

The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization supporting small to mid-sized businesses. In our effort to be a resource for your success we have a number of ways that you can benefit. For example:

Self Assessments. The Fremont Group offers a self-assessment package. This is a series of approximately sixty questions in all areas of your business. From your responses your strengths and weaknesses are identified. The self-assessment then continues to determine how much of an impact these issues have on your results so that you can determine where to start and what is and what is not worth changing. The Self-Assessment can be completed over the phone with one of our Success Partners or we can meet with you on site. There is a nominal charge for either.

Minding My Own Business Workshops. Minding My Own Business is the title of a book authored by our Executive Director, Dirk Dieters. The book identifies and reviews the six responsibilities of the small business owner. Our workshops our modeled after the book. Generally one and one-half to two and two-half hours, the workshops are always individualized. You are guided by our Success Partner through interaction with the topics and are guaranteed to acquired a technique that you can immediately implement in the management of your company. The MMOB Workshops can be attended in three ways: through webinar; in a local hotel in your area; or on your site. They are designed only for owners and spouses. Webinar workshops can be scheduled. TFG plans MMOB Workshops in cities and invites local attendees. The charge for the Workshop varies according to its’ location.

Webinars. TFG offers an on-going series of individual webinars. These are one-hour sessions on specific topics offered at a nominal fee. Check our Facebook page or contact us to be added to our email list for topics.

Initial Consultations. Our Success Partners perform two-day Initial Consultations. These are done on consecutive days at your site. We meet extensively with you, your key people, review your financial statements and operating procedures and then on the second day, together with you, develop an Action Plan to address issues that impact your results. This is you Business Physical that many clients complete each year. It may or may not lead to an on-going relationship with that Success Partner to help implement the identified actions. The fee for this is all inclusive of travel expenses.

Success Partner Relationships. Our clients develop on-going relationships with their Success Partners. This includes half to full-week on-site work followed up with weekly telephone contact and off-site work to ensure implementation. In many instances Success Partners return monthly for a half-week but always remain on their “Advisory Board” for weekly conversations. The fees for this work are subsidized depending upon your size. Contact us to determine your range of subsidy.

On a side note, all of our communications are done through video screen sharing. We use the simple Google Hangouts that is already on your computer if you have a gmail account. We also sponsor events. In 2018 we plan Golf Outings in Phoenix and Denver. Contact us for information.

Who Ya’ Gonna Call?

Your general manager just quit; you need emergency surgery; a fire has destroyed your inventory; your computer system has crashed; your wife has filed for divorce; the bank has called your line of credit; or any of a thousand other possible crisis has just slapped you in the face—you need help and you need it now! You might need only the reassurance of a phone call or you might need someone in your office for the next week. The Fremont Group is announcing the formation of their “911 Crisis Management.” Small business owners in need of emergency support of any kind are encouraged to call The Fremont Group at 303 338 9300 for and ask for Crisis Management or email us and put Crisis Management in the caption. Together we will immediately assess the situation and get you the help that you need.

Your emergency becomes our emergency. You will be pleased to know that for members of The Fremont Group, Crisis Management services do not carry emergency pricing. Members who use our emergency services are charged only our basic rates. Of course, for non-members there is a premium for rearranging our schedules, however, in a time of crisis, the focus should be on the amount “saved” as well as the amount invested. This benefit of membership can be the difference in your company’s survival.

The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization supported by donations and memberships. Memberships start at as little as $9.99 per month. For more information look to the Membership pages on the web site.