Dirk Dieters to speak to Lone Tree Chamber

Dirk Dieters, founder and Executive Director of The Fremont Group is speaking Tuesday, October 11, 2011 to the meeting of the Lone Tree Chamber of Commerce.  The meeting is in the Lone Tree Library at 7:30 am and is open to the public.  Mr. Dieters’ topic is “Selling in a Recession.”  Mr. Dieters recently completed a successful series of “Lunch and Learn” workshops for the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.

“Minding My Own Business Workshop Series”

Who is invited: Business Owners and Spouses

What: Series of three Lunch and Learn workshops sponsored by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and presented by Dirk Dieters, the author of “Minding My Own Business” and the Executive Director of The Fremont Group—a non-profit organization providing services to small business owners.


When/Where: Three consecutive Thursday lunches at the Aurora Chamber of Commerce


September 8, 2011 11:30 am

“Show me the Money”

Is your company really trying to make money or just trying to work hard? The first responsibility of a small business owner is to produce a minimum-mandatory percentage of profit. During the session we will design your Budget, agree upon the need for a cash forecasting system, and explore ways to manage your cash flow in tough times and good.


September 15, 2011 11:30 am

“Are you getting bang for your payroll buck?”

Do you want to own a job or a business? You will learn the owner’s responsibility to build an organizational structure and how to incorporate accountability and incentives into your system that properly deals with your climbers, campers and quitters.


September 22, 2001 11:30 am

“Selling—internal and external—in a recession”

Do you really understand your own sales system? During this session we will clarify your sales effort, identify your most valuable sales assets, and create strategies for leveraging your scarce dollars into more sales. Sales is more than a “numbers game.”


Cost: Contact the Aurora Chamber

A workbook and a copy of “Minding My Own Business” will also be made available by The Fremont Group at the workshop. Book $15; Workbook $10

Dirk Dieters invited to speak at Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Dirk Dieters, Executive Director of The Fremont Group and author of “Minding My Own Business” will be the speaker for three consecutive weeks at the Lunch and Learn seminars sponsored by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.  The three sessions will be broken out of the full “Minding My Own Workshops” that are offered through The Fremont Group.  On September 8, 2011 the session title is, “Show Me The Money.”  This session will cover small business budgets, cash flow forecasting and basic financial control of your small business.  On September 15, 2011 the session title is, “Are You Getting Bang For Your Payroll Buck?”  This session will examine organizational structure, accountability and incentives, and motivation of “climber, camper and quitter” employees.  Finally on September 22, 2011 the session examines sales—‘Selling—Internal and External—in a Recession.”  Attendees will examine their own sales system, identify their sales assets and learn to leverage their sales effort.

Like the full “Minding My Own Business Workshops” these sessions are personally tailored to the attendees—they are not general theory, rather they are designed to provide the attendee with something that can immediately be implemented into their operations.  Announcement will be forthcoming regarding the opening of these sessions as webinars on line.