MMOB Workshops to be offered by Metropolitan State College

The Fremont Group is working with the Center for Innovation at Metropolitan State College of Denver to offer their Minding My Own Business Workshops through their curriculum.    The workshops may be offered in their new building or on-line.  “We are very excited with the prospect of brining our workshops to the students of Metro State” stated Dirk Dieters.  Mr. Dieters is the founder and executive director of The Fremont Group and he will be the presenter of the workshops.  He is also the author of “Minding My Own Business” available on this site.

The “Minding My Own Business Workshops” follow the book’s examination of the six responsibilities of a small business owner.  The MSC Center for Innovation has empathies franchise ownership and operation and the workshops will be germane to current and prospective owners and their spouses.  “We are looking forward to helping these students and expanding the outreach of our mission to provide quality management assistance to all small business owners.”