Minding My Own Business Workshops

The Fremont Group sponsors workshops for small business owners who are committed to change.  They are one-on-one sessions with a professional trained in presenting the principles of “Minding My Own Business” by Dirk Dieters.  The book examines the six responsibilities of a small business owner.  At the workshop you and your professional evaluate how well you are performing those six responsibilities.  The workshops are completely confidential.  They may be held upon your premises, in our offices or at a local hotel.  Most people find it best to get out of their offices for the three hours so that they can completely concentrate on the workshop.  Each attendee receives their workshop materials and a copy of “Minding My Own Business.” The results are guaranteed—if you don’t leave the workshop with something that you can implement you don’t pay!

You determine the amount you wish to donate to The Fremont Group.  The recommended donation for the workshop is $250—some people give less; most people give more.  303 338 9300