Management Retreats

The Fremont Group recently surveyed small business owners and found the following results: only 5% of small businesses held an annual management retreat however those companies that did listed it as one of their most beneficial activities. Small business owners with fewer than 100 employees—some with only 10—found that a properly run management retreat was a critical part of their success. They also felt that it was most important in times of difficulty (i.e. recession).

What is a management retreat? It really is as simple as taking your key employees away from the office—sometimes for only the day but more likely for two days—and, with a set agenda, involving them in the planning process of the company. For the companies that do this they get ideas and buy-in from their key people that is invaluable. The Fremont Group consultants are trained in facilitating such events. They meet with you and together determine an agenda and a budget and then are the facilitator in the meetings. They also host some part of the sessions in which you are not present. Following the retreat they assist with the follow up.

What gets done? Think of it like this—we often go to individual employees and ask them, “What could be done to help them in their job? What are their goals? How do you think you could achieve those goals?” This type of questioning often brings out key information that help you run the company. At a management retreat we are doing the same thing only doing it by department instead of by individual. When tied down the department managers almost always set the bar higher than we would have ourselves. Then we develop a plan to accomplish these goals and train them to “trickle down” the actions to the individual employees in their department. This creates a focus upon significant change and upon “their” results. A second, and equally important benefit is the elimination of communication barriers. Your key people feel more informed and empowered and therefore produce more.

Who should attend? Your management team members are your “climbers.” The management retreat is one of their ladders. Invited should be (minimally) the head of sales, operations and finance. They, together with their key people, will get out of the office and come back more focused and productive then ever.

Call the office to discuss using Fremont to facilitate your annual retreat.