On-line retailers understand that providing the resources to constantly handle customer calls would be cost prohibitive. They also understand that many people have a fear of the internet and once an order is placed they are anxious to know that the order has been received and is in the process of being filled—they want assurance that they have not just sent their money off into “never-never land!” Combining these truths has led to a result that all of us have encountered: you place your order and immediately a confirmation email arrives; the order is being processed and another email arrives; the order is being shipped (or back ordered) and yet another email arrives. These emails have the functional purpose of eliminating the need for the customer to keep calling to ask the status of the order and giving the purchaser a comfort level in knowing that they haven’t been forgotten.

What can your business learn from this? In today’s market every advantage has to be utilized. You must go the extra step in customer service in order to get the sale. So why not “LLBean” your business? The Fremont Group works with their clients to establish a system where emails are sent to your clients every time you “touch” the client’s folder. Working with our recommended CRM software, Highrise (see right panel of this page), we create client records of every activity that takes place on a client’s folder. Entries are made by sending emails to the client which are then recorded in the clients “Contact” record. For example: a landscape company meets with a potential client—email is sent to client thanking them for the meeting and summarizing the discussions. The email is then in the record. The Project Manager does some preliminary drawings—email is sent to client indicated that work has begun on the file and asking a few questions about loose ends. The meeting for the final take-off and pricing is scheduled internally—an email goes to the client telling them when this will take place and when they can expect to have the bid. Two bids are prepared giving the client a choice and are transmitted by email so they are also in the client record.

These emails keep the client completely in the loop. They separate you from your competitors. The more communication there is between you and the client, the more likely you are to win the contract. And providing multiple bids allows the client to choose between your two bids rather than between you and a competitor.

The implementation of Highrise also allows anyone who answers the phone when the client calls to have all of the latest information in front of them in a keystroke and allows that person to know exactly what has been said to the client at all times significantly increasing the quality of your customer relations.

“LLBean” your business through the use of Highrise to increase your sales and make your life easier. For more information about this sales system or about the use of Highrise as a Customer Relations Management System, contact The Fremont Group at 303 338 9300.