Find Out How Much $ You Can Save With TFG Doing Your Accounting!

You are paying too much for your accounting.  TFG, a non-profit organization providing services to mid-small business owners can show you how much–but you have to call us to find out!

TFG’s Accounting Supervisors and Data Entry professionals will complete your Quick Books accounting daily and provide all of your reports, payroll, budget, AR and AP.  We can do as much or as little as you like while you maintain your CPA to file your taxes and give tax advice.

But that’s not all!  Our Success Partners can customize your reporting to identify and monitor you Key Profit Indicators and provide weekly support.

Do you turnover in accounting?  Is your accounting done accurately and on time?  Are you getting the financial reporting that you need to drive your business in a timely manner?  Are you overpaying for accounting?

If you are serious about your business you owe it to yourself

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