Fall Webinars for Business Owners

The Fremont Group is offering to small business owners high-quality, yet inexpensive, webinars. Sessions are on Monday’s at 11:00 am MDT. The fall 2011 schedule is as follow:

Only $25 per workshop!

Show Me The Money August 8, 2011

Techniques and tools to allow the small business owner to gain financial control of their company. Budgets, cash flow projection, break even and other tools are provided.

Get Bang For Your Payroll Buck August 15, 2011

Owners learn the foundation of their organizational structure. Examine the elements of accountability and incentives and their relationship to your budget.

Leadership Starts With You August 22, 2011

A hard look at what it means to lead a small business. Workshop dissects the famous Theodore Roosevelt quotation on leadership.

Selling In A Recession September 12, 2011

Owners examine their company’s sales effort in terms of a system and learn the role of pricing in that system—particularly in a recession.

Change Your Company’s Culture September 19, 2011

Owners learn how hiring, employee “buy in” and the establishment of a management team can change their company’s culture and results.

Cash Is King September 26, 2011

Workshop goes through a checklist of ways to change your company’s cash flow. A guaranteed method of achieving adequate cash on hand is presented.

Selling Your Employees October 3, 2011

The use of internal communications to sell your employees on doing what you need done.

Minding My Own Business Workshop October 17, 2011

The full, two and one-half hour workshop based upon the book, “Minding My Own Business” examining the six responsibilities of a small business owner.

To Register for the webinars, pay on the “Pay Now” icon to the right. Be sure to include your name and phone number, the webinar(s) that you are registering for, and your email address.