Annual Giving

During this holiday season please consider a donation to The Fremont Group. The Fremont Group is a non-profit organization who works with small business owners. We derive our funds from donations and book sales. The funds are used (1) to provide educational materials to business owners through our web site and blog; (2) to subsidize the consulting, project management and software of small business owners; (3) for the administrative expenses of the organization; and (4) to donate to the business departments of universities. For the past year the board and staff have donated their unpaid time.

Each year a budget is prepared to determine the amount of subsidies that will be available and much of that projection is based upon the year-end donations from business owners like yourself. Any amount is appreciated–$250; $100; more or less—all donations make a difference.

If you are able to make any donation in these difficult times it can be done through PayPal in the right margin.

Dirk Dieters, Executive Director

The Fremont Group

Note—our 501(c)3 designation is pending and will be forwarded to donors upon receipt.