Recent Client Solutions

The Fremont Group works with small business owners to identify their MANAGEMENT and FINANCING needs and then matches them with appropriate professionals. Fremont Group Success Partners have recently provided their clients with:

  • A tool that you use to keep you and your business focused at all times
  • On-going mentoring, coaching, of key staff—and the owner
  • Financing at an extremely reasonable rate for a needed consulting project
  • Financing for expansion of a facility and additional inventory
  • A clearly communicated statement of why someone should buy from you instead of from your competition
  • A sales system that produces results and can be constantly monitored
  • Training of sales staff
  • Development of World-class customer service
  • The elimination of customer phone calls wanting to know about their order
  • The ability for anyone to find out at any time exactly what had been said or given to any sales prospect
  • A system that virtually guarantees that all sales leads will be properly followed up
  • An Employee manual, job descriptions, employee reviews and other HR services in compliance with the law and actually used by the organization
  • A Operational system that holds people accountable and stops things from ‘falling between the cracks”
  • The ability to access the status of anything in your business at anytime from anywhere
  • Assurance that your hiring, firing and management complies with the law
  • An incentive plan for employees that motivates them to produce
  • HR management software to keep your HR files safe and properly compiled
  • A tool that forecasted your cash flow for the next six-twelve weeks
  • A budget so you buy what you can afford instead of what you “need”
  • Monthly analysis of your financial statements
  • Monthly reviews with a professional to compare your results with the benchmarks that you had established
  • An annual review of your tax strategies with recommendations
  • An annual review of your insurance coverage with recommendations

And we provide this for less than the cost of a single day’s fees from out-of-town consulting firms.  Call to customize your package–303 338 9300

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