Working With The Fremont Group

Take your business to a new level!  Whether it be a “Survival Plan” or an “Expansion Plan” working with The Fremont Group can make it a reality.  We first encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your business and place you in an appropriate webinar.  If you like what you hear, bring us in for a day to work with you to determine what actions would have the greatest impact upon your organization.  We will establish an Action Plan and refer you to qualified consultants for the implementation. Obviously there is no obligation to go to the next step in the process–you can stop any time.

The Fremont Group matches consultants to clients.  You will be working with a person qualified to address the specific issues that we identify and we will also oversee your relationship.  Below is a sample of suggested weekly projects that are customized to fit your need.

See 2017 Pricing Below

Initial Consultation                                                                                             Free

On-Site Analysis of Needs
$1500 (Includes all travel and expenses)

Webinars                                                                                                            Free

All charges are “all inclusive”  No additional charges for travel, per diem or other expenses.


Compare this to for-profit firms charging $250-400 per hour, ten-hour days with multiple persons PLUS all travel expenses.


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