Executive Director, Dirk Dieters

The founder and Executive Director of The Fremont Group is Mr. Dirk Dieters.  Mr. Dieters has both undergraduate and law degrees from Michigan State University where he played baseball.  In the 70’s he coached college baseball at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan while finishing his law degree. In 1981 he moved from Detroit to Denver where he started his own business.  At various times he has held a real estate license, Series 7 securities license, and has practiced law.  In 1995 he began his management consulting firm as a senior business analyst for a major firm, traveling to every state in the United States.  He now has been in over 5,000 small businesses.  He developed consulting materials for business analysis and authored “Minding My Own Business” the profits of which he has donated to The Fremont Group.  He has also developed the “Minding My Own Business Workshops” and is often a speaker at chamber of  commerce and other organizations.  Today he is the Executive Director of The Fremont Group and works with an investment banking firm and other firms to help provide debt and equity to appropriate small businesses.

His mission is to bring quality professional services to small business owners at affordable rates.  Management consulting can be extremely expensive and by subsidizing the fees, The Fremont Group is able to accomplish this end.